Battery wars Chapter 1. Update

Last time I wrote about bad battery detection, and Mr. Nigel Winkley drew my attention to the right LiPo/LiFe battery storage. I didn’t know before about the special method to store these batteries.

I looked for more information on the internet and I can just confirm Mr. Nigel Winkley’s words: “LiPos don’t like to be stored discharged but you shouldn’t store them fully charged either. Good chargers have a program to give that correct charge if you plan on storing over longer periods. When you want to use them again, discharge them before fully charging and they will give you good performance for a couple of seasons racing.”

Here are the sources where you can find more information about this process:

Tips for Storing your LiPo Batteries

Click to access lipo%20storage%20tips.pdf

I also looked for this program in my battery charger and surprisingly I found it. I tried it with my LiFe batteries, because I will use them just in May. The program worked well, I used the automatic built in values.


At this point I think battery storage function will worth it for me.

Live your dreams!

Csóka László



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