My best Pichlingersee Regatta ever

Now I’m sitting at the University and thinking about last week’s regatta. I still not realized completely what happened there exactly. I always hope the best and also worked really hard but I did not expect such a good performance. I dreamed about it but not expected.

After the F5-10 victory on Wednesday I tried not to loose myself psychologically. In the F5-E I reached my aim, after some technological issues I kept my balance and finished 3rd overall. After the two classes I felt really happy, it was already my best Pichlingersee performance ever and the F5-M Europe Cup stage just started next day.

In the F5-M my aim was again to stay focused and not to fall apart. At the first races in light wind conditions I fight with Pavel Novotny and Massimo Morin a lot. Also after the first day we were in the first three places in overall. Second day the wind conditions became stronger, I worried about it, because I knew that there will be changes in the fleet others would be faster. Luckily I hadn’t got speed problems and managed to increase the lead in overall. Finally one of my dreams came true and I won the F5-M Pichlingersee Europe Cup Stage for the first time in my life. Pavel Novotny finished 2nd and Massimo Morin 3rd at the end in a really big battle between them and 4th Max Lehmann.

Thank you for Gyöngyösi Cecília and Országh Tibor who created the possibility for me in travel to compete all the 6 days and also thank you for all your support during the competition!

Thank you for my family for their support!

Thank you for all those guys who helped me before and during the Regatta!

And also a big thank you for those who cheered for me in these six days!


All my result from Pichlingersee:

1st place F5-10

3rd place F5-E

1st place F5-M

1st place in Combination of the 3 classes


Live your dreams!

Csóka László


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