Dirt on the transmitter? No problem!

Grime and dirt on the radio? How to clean it?

As an RC Sailor I use my transmitter so much time, on regatta days actually for the whole day. This means lots of dust can deposit on it and also some water can splash on it. I pay attention to avoid the water, but always some water drops gets on my radio somehow, I think when I get out my boat from the lake or the the sea. Yes, I know the salt water is not good for the transmitter, if I would like to be right, it’s the most bad thing that could happen with it during normal usage.

20170226_101128 20170226_101133

On the photos you can see that lots of grime and dirt accumulated on my radio, so it needs a cleaning, a very big one.

This is the way I used to clean my transmitter, I hope it will be helpful for you too:

  1. I use some water on a tissue to clean the bigger parts of the dirt, and also the salty patches from the sea regattas. But I always pay attention not to use it on the switches and on those parts where the water could easily get into my radio. If so much dust lay on it than I use a paintbrush first.

20170226_101556 20170226_101959

2.After the water tissue I use a dry one to wipe the water layer from the surface.

3.Here comes the tricky part. I use a screwdriver and a tissue to reach the small slots / holes perfectly. Only need to pay attention that the tissue should always cover the screwdriver, because if accidently it break through the tissue than it will scratch the surface of the transmitter.


4.Extra tip: I use a moistened glasses cloth if there is greasy sports on the transmitter or the dirt can’t be removed by water for some reason. I never use denaturated alcohol or other liquids containing petrol derivatives for cleaning, because one of my friends did previously and he removed some parts of the paint of his radio.


5.When it seems to be clean than I use some silicone spray to make the surface glossy. I spray the silicone directly on the radio than I use the screwdriver method with a tissue again.


6.Voila! The transmitter is almost as clean as a new one. 😊


Live your dreams!

Csóka László


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