F5-E ended, Novotny won, I’m 2nd, Országh 3rd

The F5-E is also finished at Pichlingersee Regatta. The wind conditions were really great, we also have to use the A and the B rigs both days. Second day there was a little rain but luckily not so much.

Finally Pavel Novotny won the F5-E competition with an outstanding performance. After the first day both of us were on the lead. Yesterday the beginning of day he won the first race in front of us, so I fall back to second. After two rounds I reached the lead again, but at the 9th race I made a big mistake, and in the last one I collected some weed from the lake. Pavel didn’t make any mistake in these races, so finally he won the whole competition. I think he is one of the favorites for the NAVIGA World Championship.

Jens Amenda and Max Lehman were also really strong, but Amenda hasn’t got a B rig, so he losed so much in bigger wind conditions. Max collected lots of weed, so the luck wasn’t on his side this time. The surprise was Országh Tibor from Hungary who reached the third place. I was really happy about it, that he made so great performance here. He get to the third place just after the last race. So when me and him went to the score board to watch the final standings, he would like to ask the judge why he isn’t in the list. I said him look upper, and upper on the list. 😃

Final standings in F5-E:

Today will be the race of the F5-M Euro Cup and it seems we will have great wind again.

Live your dreams!

Csóka László



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