Csóka László Jun. – RC Sailor

Simply I want to share with You my journey in RC sailing, that’s why I make this website.Csoka

I started compete in RC sailing regattas in 2000 when I was 7. During this time I gained experiences, and had lots of fun with friends. RC sailing is a huge part of my life, it is a passion for me. On my way I learnt a lot about racing with RC sailboats as well as the technical parts. I also learnt a lot about sailmaking, and a little about boat building. I always compete with my self made sails on all of my boats.

In Hungary I won Nationals first in F5-M (Marblehead) class in 2007. Until that time there wasn’t a year when I wasn’t a Hungarian Champion at leat in one class. My biggest results were from 20
10 and 2013. In 2010 I won the F5-M Euro Cup series and in 2013 I was 3rd at the Micro Magic European Championship in Netherland. During the last few years I have to concentrate more on my studies at the university, so I have to miss out lots of international races.Csoka2

The situation changed, I am almost at the finish in the university and I have more time for my loved sport, RC sailing. I would like to get to more regattas again, and have fun with RC sailing friends. Due to the intercession of lucky coincidences in November 2015 Hungary got the right to organize the NAVIGA Worlds in Orfű in three RC sailing classes: F5-M (Marblehead), F5-10 (Ten Rater), F5-E (One metre).

My aim with this page is to show how I live my dreams in RC sailing. I would like to insipre myself, and inspire You to improve RC sailing skills. I want to share valuable informations about technical parts of my RC sailboats, preparation for regattas, and competing. Have fun reading my page, the page of my jouney.

Live your dreams!