Wind, Waves, Currents, Opatija

Our trip to Opatija can’t be more different than that I thought it could. Before the competition I saw some forecast and it seemed we will have great wind on the first day almost B rig conditions, on the second day just a little breeze. Even so we had great wind speed conditions for both days, we could use the A rig, there was no need for B. In these conditions we are used to water without big waves.

This time we had really big waves because of special weather conditions around Opatija. The Hungarian guys have never competed on waves anything like this, so it was so much fun for us. It also meant that we struggled in the first part of the race with the boat set up. Also there was big current on the course so it was tricky for us too.


Photo: Kucsera Balázs

For me it was the same, and on the first day I tried to find the right set up but I didn’t reach my aim. My boat was instable and slower than the top competitors. Second day I pulled to top of the mast a little bit forward and I put more tension on the backstay. Finally I reached quite big stability and also speed. I enjoyed racing so much on the second day. That doesn’t mean that I was great also in racing. 😃 I made lots of mistakes so my performance wasn’t better than the previous day with a slower boat and less mistake. In total I think me and the Hungarian sailors learnt a lot about big wave racing and about the boat set up in these conditions.

Thank you for the organizers from the Opatija Sailing Club, we enjoyed the competition really much despite the weather conditions. We plan to compete here again next year!

The final results:


Live your dreams!

Csóka László


First stage is complete

Photo: Kálmándy Ferenc

Now the NAVIGA RC sailing world championship will be just in five months. In Hungary we have winter time when the number of regattas are much less than in the other seasons of the year. For me the first stage of the prepapration for the NAVIGA championship is complete. My aim for the last seven months period was to compete as many regattas as many I could and to test all the new developments on my sails and boats I made during the last winter.

I’m really happy now that I reached to race at lots of competitions, I think I didn’t compete so much regattas in the last few years in a small time interval like this. I’m also really happy that I could do this with really good friends, in good mood. Thank you for all these RC sailors, you are the best!

In the case of my boats, I think I was also able to test everything I want, and I could filter what works and what doesn’t works from my ideas. I will compete with my current boat types in these classes. There are some small changes which I would like to apply and test before 2017 May, but nothing which could influence the performance seriously.

For me the next stage for the preparation will to compete on croatian regattas during the winter time. There is a really strong fleet where everybody could learn so much. Other aim is to maintain all my boats, to avoid failure which could be caused by those parts which needs maintenance time by time. Also during this stage I would like to finish the MSc course on the university.

Thinking these months as a preparation could be helpful for anybody who will attend at NAVIGA Worlds, to achieve a great result. Also the maintenance of your boats is important this time to avoid bad moments in the next season.

Live your dreams!

Csóka László

Purchase possibilities in RC sailing

Hello all my RC sailing friends,
I’m working on my MSc level thesis at the university about “Purchase possibilities in RC sailing”. Please help me by filling this form. The question’s are enjoyable and it takes around 5 minutes.
Thank you in advance!
Also many thanks for those who share the link of the form to others! 🙂
The form available under this link:
Live your dreams! 🙂