Tricky Rijeka

Yesterday we arrived back home from 22nd Rijeka’s Regatta. I’m really happy now because I was able to reach my goals. Much more than I expected.

In my previous blog post I wrote about what were my two aims for this Regatta. First I wanted to gain some speed in stronger conditions because I worked hard previously to figure out why I struggle when the stronger wind appear. Fortunately I reached this aim, on the second day with B rig I didn’t feel disadvantage in my boat speed compared to others. More tension on the shrouds brought the expected result.


My other goal was to finish in top 5. I had never finished better than 7th place on a croatian regatta. The conditions were tricky on this competiton, we had shifty wind all the time, lots of races were abandoned before the first mark because the wind shifted so much. In Hungary we usually have shifty wind conditions, I raced lots of times in these, therefore I didn’t feel bad about it. Honestly I enjoyed the races. Unfortunately this caused that we had just the qualification rounds, and can’t race in golden and silver fleet. The results finally based on the 6 qualification round results.

This time finally I was able to finish 4th in overall, I’m so happy about it! This is my best result ever in a croatian regatta.

For me the IOM spring season in Croatia is over, but I will surely compete there in autumn. Now I’m focusing on the 21. International Pichlingersee Regatta.

Here you can find the overall results: 22nd Rijeka’s Regatta results

Check Compass Magazin’s facebook page for pictures: Pictures on Compass Magazin

Thanks to my girlfriend for her support, and for the awesome pictures she photographed!

Thanks to the race organizers for this regatta! Next year I hope we will compete in Rijeka again!

Thanks to the hungarian team for their support, and for the awesome mood!

Live your dreams!

Csóka László


It’s Rijeka time now!

I’m really excited, we will travel to Rijeka today. It will be the 22nd Rijeka’s Regatta and the last Croatian competition for me at spring time.

Last time in Rogoznica I was able to break through my boarders, I was able to reach my best result in the croatian fleet ever. Before that regatta I felt fear, because I thought I’m standind in one place. I worked hard to be better and better, but it seemed before Rogoznica it hadn’t got an impact. I think you know that feeling: One step forward, one step back.

This time I’m optimistic! Optimistic despite of the weather forecast, which says we will have storng wind on saturday and much bigger on sunday. I’m better in slow wind conditions and I also had set up issues in strong wind with my boat. I doesn’t feel confortable in these situations.

So why I’m so optimistic?

I worked hard in the last few weeks to make modifications on my rigs to reach more speed. I applied new fittings on my B and C rigs, and also pre-bended masts. I modified the points of the shrouds to a lower position, and also I applied an adjusable spreader (from Jelacic Sailing) on the B rig. I also put more tension on the shrouds on every rig. I think it they were so loose before, it also could have been the problem which slow me down in stronger conditions. This competition will be great to test all the upgrades.

I always set goals before competitions. This time I would like to finish in the first 5. Previously it was always the first 10 in the croatian fleet, but now I think I have to raise the bar, because last time in Rogoznica I broke through this aim. And of course I have other goals too as always: Learn, learn, learn!

Live your dreams!

Csóka László